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The Mini Factory | For Serious Kids

 Petit Bateau's new film; 'The Mini Factory'

Petit Bateau's new film; 'The Mini Factory'

Petit Bateau today launch their campaign ‘For Serious Kids’ with a film ’The Mini Factory’, a celebration of children’s tireless inventive nature. 'The Mini Factory' is a high-energy journey into a world where clothes are stretched and splattered, tugged and tested to the limit in a fantasy factory.

The ‘For Serious Kids’ campaign is a colourful salute to the Petit Bateau factory in Troyes where each item of clothing is a long lasting commitment to fantasy and quality, a hallmark that is taken very seriously.

The film comes to life to the beat of an original adaptation of cult favourite Rockit by Herbie Hancock revisited by French DJ Feadz.

You can view the full film here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wl1xV4-YC8k