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Abstract Expressionism

  Mark Rothko,   White Center,   1950, 

Mark Rothko, White Center, 1950, 

This autumn, Abstract Expressionism exhibition comes to the Royal Academy, bringing together some of the most celebrated artwork from the past century.  Known for its colourful, radical and innovative take on the nature of painting, Abstract Expressionism was a breakthrough period in the course of art’s history as it forever re-invented painting as a two-way conversation between artist and audience. Abstract Expressionism is considered to be a reactive genre of artwork which came out of the human necessity to make sense of the horrors and chaos of nuclear war and genocide after World War II. Still, today it exists as an outlet for painters and viewers alike to make sense of a sometimes seemingly senseless society. 


The exhibition will provide the opportunity to experience the powerful and contemplative pieces from key players of this 1950’s creative movement including Pollock, Rothko, and de Kooning. 


London’s Royal Academy of Arts will be host to paintings, along with photography and sculptures from this deeply expressive era of American art.


Curated by the independent art historian Dr. David Anfam, alongside Edith Devaney, Contemporary Curator at the Royal Academy of Arts, the exhibition will run from the 24th September 2016 — 2nd January 2017.


More information available here: https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/exhibition/abstract-expressionism